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Sweetgrass Incense Braid


Native to  North America,  sweetgrass has been traditionally used for  smudging, cleansing, and praying. The plant is harvested,  braided,  and dried. Sweetgrass is said to attract positive energy, purify, and asset in setting intentions. Please keep in mind that the braid will not set an immense flame , it will rather smolder.



Feel free to  cleanse, mediate, provide as a  tool for ritual, or as a means to support a peaceful vibe. Use with the best intentions , at your disposal. 


-Sustainably sourced from Canada

-Hand braided 

- Thickness  may slightly vary in size or dimension



When burning any smudge stick or aromatic woods indoors, be sure to open  windows, so that free air can flow. Keep a smudge stick, at least a half of arms distance, and be sure to hold some form of “Ash Tray”  (shell, or ceramic bowl e.g) to catch any ashes. 

Start by  lighting  the cut end of the braid, hold over a flame, gently rotate, and blow at the end when you see the braid start to smolder. Blow on the lit end gently, and gently  sway the braid around your area or room. There should be no flame, however the braid will burn by producing smoke.


How we use : 

- Light sweetgrass braid using a candle or torch lighter (which ever one can best control)

 -Let  burn over a flame for 30 sec to  1  minute.

-Blow the flame out gently, ( there should be no more flame) 

-Make sure there is an orange glow, and smoke.

-Walk  through areas we wish to cleanse, allowing the smoke to sway and drift  through the room. 

-With positive  spirit, vibes, and gratitude,  we set our intentions, manifest  blessings, and use the       natural essence to fragrance our spaces, indoors, and outdoors. 

-We complete by making sure the flame is completely put out. (Either by pressing refills in Ash Tray until smoke dissipates, or by gently gliding the stick underwater.

-Follow-up by allowing the stick to dry in the try for at least a day, before reuse. 


Sweetgrass Incense Braid - 18-22''

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