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 Cedar has traditionally been used to cleanse negative energy, cast out negative influences,  set intention,  and enhance or clear the smell of a room or area.


Feel free to  cleanse, mediate, provide as a  tool for ritual, or as a means to support a peaceful vibe.

Use with the best intentions , at your disposal. 


-Sustainably sourced from  California 

- Sticks may slightly vary in size or dimension



When burning loose  smudge leaves or aromatic woods indoors, be sure to open  windows, so that free air can flow. Keep a smudge stick, at least a half of arms distance, and be sure to hold some form of “Ash Tray”  (shell, or ceramic bowl e.g) to catch any ashes. 


How we use: 


-Light a smudge stick, or aromatic wood, like  palo santo, using a lighter or match. 

-Allow a flame towards the tip, and  let the flame burn for 30 sec to  1  minute.

-Blow it out gently, as we make sure there is an orange glow.

-Walk  through areas we wish to cleanse, allowing the smoke to sway and drift  through the room. 

-With positive  spirit, vibes, and gratitude,  we set our intentions, manifest  blessings, and use the -      natural essence to fragrance our spaces, indoors, and outdoors. 

-We complete by making sure the flame is completely put out. (Either by pressing refills in Ash Tray    until smoke dissipates, or by gently gliding the stick underwater.

-Follow-up by allowing the stick to dry in the try for at least a day, before reuse. 

California Cedar Smudge Stick 4-5''

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